Decorate a Letter/Number Craft Bundle

Decorate a Letter/Number Craft Bundle


Choose a letter (or a number) then choose from 3 different colour packs:  Blush,  Orange/Pink or Blue/Green


Each letter/number is 20cm tall 

Each colour pack contains:

2x 12" squares of felt

4 pieces of glitter

1m of glitter ribbon (the perfect width to cover the edge of the letter/number)

Buttons, sequins and embellishments


There are no instructions in the pack - you can use whichever materials and embellishments you wish  - there is plenty to choose from and you will have leftovers.


Suitable for all ages - younger children will need help cutting the shapes out of the felt...or they could paint the letter first, if that's simpler.


Older children (and grown ups!) can sew the embellishments onto the cut out felt shapes, before gluing the material to the papier mache letter


If you can't see the letter or number you need I'm sorry but we are sold out