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Fine Glitter  :: WHOLE SET (24 solid colours)

Fine Glitter :: WHOLE SET (24 solid colours)


Do you need to add more sparkle to your crafting?
Then you need this set - 24 sheets in total that enough glitter to get you started?
One sheet or one roll in every plain colour of fine glitter we sell
Fine Glitter Material is a layer of canvas fabric covered with glue and completely covered with fine glitter
It's fabric, but the glue layer holds it together so it won't fray when you cut it, so in that respect it's a bit like felt.
The glitter does not shed - a little may transfer with handling when sewing/crafting with it but if you hold a piece and shake it, it won't fall off.
Each sheet is :: 20cm x 25cm

Each roll is :: 20cm x 100cm

Choose sheets or rolls and add to your basket

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