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paper-and-string eGift Card


eGift Cards are emailed, either to you or your chosen recipient. If you want to print it and wrap it then email it to yourself. You can choose any amount that you want to gift. ...

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eGift Cards
ALL gift cards are sent via an email.  There isn't a physical item.  We can email them to any address, just put the email address in the Recipient box, select a date and it will be emailed for you.
If you prefer to give a physical gift you can email it to yourself, print it out and pop it in a card.
The eGift Cards can be for any amount you choose.
To redeem your eGift Card you simply add the unique code at the checkout of our website - you can spend the gifted amount in one transaction or over multiple transactions.  
For example, if someone gifts you a £50 gift card and you spend £14 + £3.95 postage (£17.95 total ) you would have £32.05 left to spend another day.  There is no expiry date on our eGift  Cards

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